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An Apology to Guatemala, a new spoken word piece

My friend (and partner in rhyme) Kathryn Lennon and I wrote a new spoken word piece about Guatemala and its relationship with Canada. We performed it at the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto last week.

I’d be interested in hearing your feedback, comments, suggestions, response, etc. as we are certainly open to changing it up before we next perform it.

Also, anyone know of any other spoken word pieces around the mining industry or corporate accountability (especially in a Canadian context)?


G20 update #2 – ain’t no power like the power of the poets..

My friend Kathryn and I performed a spoken word piece on Saturday night at the G20 Summit Slam. The first three minutes are from an older piece about the swine flu and the hysteria that emerged around the epidemic. We were reminded of a lot of that hysteria and imbalanced media reporting while doing G20 resistance this weekend. The final few minutes of the piece are about the G20 and were written by us that day, while protesting.

We’d love to hear any feedback on this poem; we’ll be reworking the last few minutes into a new piece that we’ll be performing at the ROM in August.

a spoken word piece for Lote 8

The very night I got back to Kitchener after spending a month and a half in Guatemala, I was given the opportunity to perform at “G20 Poets: When Words Resist,” an event organized by my friend Janice Lee, and put on at the Kitchener Waterloo Community Centre for Social Justice (KWCCSJ).

I performed a rough piece I’d only just written about a community I’d recently visited, Lote 8 (Lot 8), and the upcoming G8/20 summits. I hope to rework (and polish, and memorize) the piece soon, as well as to post the testimonies I gathered while visiting Lote 8, but thought I’d post this recording for now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

A few other  videos from the event are posted at the new KW Spoken Word youtube site.