Saludos de Guate!

After having been away from Guatemala for two years, I am fortunate to have been able to return for two months! During this – albeit short – trip, I aim to visit with, and publish articles, videos, and updates, from communities in resistance to at least three different Canadian-connected mines (as pictured below): the Fenix Mine in Izabal (formerly owned by Hudbay), the Marlin Mine in San Marcos (owned by Goldcorp), and the Escobal mine in Jalapa (owned by Tahoe Resources, and partially by Goldcorp).



In addition to working to disseminate info on the struggles surrounding these mines, I hope that the meetings I have with communities in resistance will help to inform the solidarity work that the group I organize with, the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network (MISN), will carry out in shareholder season. During that time, in April and May, these and other mining companies will hold their AGMs in Canada, many of which will take place in Toronto. See here for a peek into what we got up to during last year’s shareholder season!

I’ll be posting both quick updates and longer articles/videos on this blog, and look forward to any feedback, as always!



  1. Peggy Budington

    Many years ago I wrote in protest to the CEO of Goldcorp. Doubt that he paid attention. Often feel frustrated in my attempts. I so appreciate that you have the strength and valor to be active. My own connection with the people of Guatemala began 8 years ago when I met a few workers who had made there way here to the US. I went to the library to find out why they and so many had come here. I left in tears. I decided that I would try to help, somehow. First I began educating others like myself who were clueless. My good fortune to become friends with one coworker and through him his family in Guatemala. We now work together, and I made a commitment to myself to stand by these good people for the duration. I have tried to stay aware of what is happening in Guatemala and in doing so I came across the news of the mining operations. None of my friend’s family live in these places, but it still hurts to learn that rural communities are being treated so badly, being pushed from their lands and in some cases being injured or killed. “We” have no shame and it it hard to be part of a country that puts material gain above human life, not to mention the destruction of our earth. Obviously this has been true for a long, long time.
    Thank you Rachael for your involvement. If I lived near Toronto I would
    be at the protests in April and May.

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