New video – Toronto Goldcorp Protest in Solidarity with Guatemala! / Manifestación en Toronto contra la minería en solidaridad con Guatemala!

On April 26 2012, the day of Canadian mining company Goldcorp’s Annual General Meeting, a group of folks gathered in Toronto in solidarity with Guatemalan communities who have been negatively impacted by a Goldcorp mine.  We brought Goldcorp’s human rights and environmental record to the streets of Toronto’s financial district, and the front page of Toronto newspapers! (without the newspaper editors knowing!)

I made a video to share what we got up to with those who couldn’t make it out (and with Guatemalan partners). Click here to watch it on youtube!

p.s. And here are the files for the 3 newspaper front pages we made:






  1. Katya

    Hi! I have no idea if this blog is still active but I found it through the youtube video while doing research for a Spanish project and I was wondering if you have any updates on the Goldcorp mining operation in Marlin (from what I found it is still active). Do you know if they have made any changes to how they operate since 2012? Thanks!

  2. Rachel Small

    Sorry for the delay in responding!

    Here’s an open letter that was sent just a few weeks go in support of a family impacted by the Marlin mine:

    There’s lots of info on the Marlin mine on the Goldcorp Out of Guatemala site: A
    Here’s COPAE’s 2015 water quality report:

    M4 is a cross-continental movement fighting mining across Latin America. They launched this campaign in 2014 against Goldcorp:

    And here are a few other articles with some more recent information:

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