An Apology to Guatemala, a new spoken word piece

My friend (and partner in rhyme) Kathryn Lennon and I wrote a new spoken word piece about Guatemala and its relationship with Canada. We performed it at the ROM (the Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto last week.

I’d be interested in hearing your feedback, comments, suggestions, response, etc. as we are certainly open to changing it up before we next perform it.

Also, anyone know of any other spoken word pieces around the mining industry or corporate accountability (especially in a Canadian context)?



  1. Pedro Poblete

    I was in Toronto that day, so I watch you perform with Kat. As a Chilean, migrant labour is not something I can relate to: people in my country left to Canada because of the dictatorship. And myself, although a worker, I’m a professional, which makes me an assess, not a burden, in the eyes of system… And I’m pretty much white, so yeah, only my accent and grammar can tell I’m not Canadian or European. But I did felt that your story was closer to me than all others I heard that day. I just wanted to say that.

    I can also relate to the mining industry, in Chile is one of the biggest topic. Right now, actually, some miners are trap because a company reopened an old mine that wasn’t in conditions to be used.

    I do not know any poetry done with this subject, but I do know some music. Quilapayún “Nuestro Cobre” or Evelyn Cornejo “País del Cobre” (this is the full disc, is free to download).

    Anyway, gracias por involucrarte con Latino América.

  2. Rachel Small

    Muchas gracias por sus comentarios y reflexiones. It’s always encouraging to hear that something you’ve said has resonated with someone.

    When I was visiting communities near Canadian mines in Guatemala there was a lot of talk around the Pascua-Lama mine in Chile. It’s heartbreaking to see the same destructive patterns repeating in so many countries…

    Y gracias por los recomendaciones de música Chilena, nunca había oído “Nuestro Cobre” (aunque, increíblemente, Quilapayún vino a mi pequeño ciudad Canadiense de Kitchener para hacer un concierto, hace 2 años).

  3. eclecticclash

    Thank you for sharing this!
    My friend and I were in Guatemala three years ago and witnessed the effects of Canadian mining companies on the local community of San Marcos. We are both passionate about drama as a tool for social justice and peace. Would you be open to us sharing this piece at a student talent show?
    Once again, Thank you.

  4. Rachel Small

    Thanks, Rebecca. You can certainly share the piece. Out of curiosity, where will this student talent show be taking place?

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