a spoken word piece for Lote 8

The very night I got back to Kitchener after spending a month and a half in Guatemala, I was given the opportunity to perform at “G20 Poets: When Words Resist,” an event organized by my friend Janice Lee, and put on at the Kitchener Waterloo Community Centre for Social Justice (KWCCSJ).

I performed a rough piece I’d only just written about a community I’d recently visited, Lote 8 (Lot 8), and the upcoming G8/20 summits. I hope to rework (and polish, and memorize) the piece soon, as well as to post the testimonies I gathered while visiting Lote 8, but thought I’d post this recording for now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

A few other  videos from the event are posted at the new KW Spoken Word youtube site.



  1. Asha

    Rachel, this video almost made me cry (again). It is a super spoken word piece and really tells it like it is, which is rare. You make me proud! 🙂

  2. Peri

    Dear Rachel, this piece is wonderful and a great way to share what you learned from the Guatemalans you met, and, through it, work for change. I am going to try to post it on my facebook page. I went to Guatemala twice in the 80’s but never found a way to share my feelings about their situation and our hand in it, as you have. Thank you – all the best. Peri

  3. Ramsey Hart

    Well said Rachel! It’s taken a few years for the worst of the violence committed in Jan 07 to surface and you’ve made an important contribution to amplifying the voices of the women of Lote 8. See you on the streets in Toronto!
    Ramsey Hart (MiningWatch Canada)

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